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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Arm Wrestling World Champion and Arm Wars founder Neil Pickup.

pickup 2

You might remember that a few weeks ago we spoke to sports promoter Barry Hearn who mentioned that he was looking at the professional sport of arm wrestling.

Well we wanted to investigate further and we think we’ve probably found the best person possible to tell us a little bit more about the sport. Neil Pickup was a multiple arm wrestling world champion in his younger years and has since turned his attention to creating the global success story that is the Arm Wars Super Series event.

The event attracts television audiences of over two million across 85 different countries every week. However, whilst the rest of the planet looks to have been gripped by the arm wrestling bug, us folks in the UK seem to be a bit late to the party. Fear not though, Arm Wars secured a broadcast deal with Sky Sports last year and a weekly show began yesterday on Sky Sports 4.

While you wait around from next week’s show, why not hear a little bit more about the sport from Pickup…

Hi Neil, so where did the ‘Arm Wars’ concept come from?

When was it that you first realised that arm wrestling was a marketable sport? 

Finally, what is your dream for the sport of arm wrestling?

We have plenty more content to come from our exclusive interview with Neil, but in the meantime why not get a feel for what Arm Wars is all about using the link below.