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Kent Spitfires win British Minigolf Club Championships 2013 at Basingstoke Golf Centre.

Pub Sport Portal visits Basingstoke Golf Centre to check out the professional sport of minigolf.

Last Sunday (24th November) the Pub Sport Portal went along to the British Minigolf Championships event in Basingstoke as part of our ongoing project to unearth the next big professional working man’s sport.

The Kent Spitfires were the eventual winners of the event – making it four consecutive victories in the tournament – and you can view a full video package of the event using the link below.

Stay tuned to the Pub Sport Portal for much more content from the day, including full-length interviews with British Minigolf Association chairman Sean Homer and players Tiger Pragnell, Jon Drexler and Richard Gottfried; all of whom have very entertaining stories to share!