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Introducing – PongCrazy!

Pub Sport Portal checks out new pub sport that combines ping pong and crazy golf!

Pong Crazy 3

If you were thinking of combining two sports together, ping pong and crazy golf do not immediately jump out as a match made in heaven.

However, the creatives at Urban Crazy seem to think otherwise and have recently created PongCrazy; an innovative hybrid of table tennis and miniature golf.

Anyway, less from me. Let’s hear what the game’s inventor and Urban Crazy director Jon Angel had to say when the Pub Sport Portal spoke to him about the sport…

Hi Jon, firstly where did the idea of PongCrazy come from?

“We’re big on sports here, so table tennis, darts – in fact all the pub sports really – and we do enjoy it, so it was a no-brainer to build a ping pong table in the theme of golf. It fits in with what we do anyway but it’s a departure from minigolf.”

So how exactly does the game work?

“There’s the basic principle of the golf-themed table and you’ve got a couple of holes cut out, one on each side so to reflect a golf course. If you get it in one of those holes you get a bonus point; so you’ve won the point normally and then you get the bonus point for having hit the target as well.

“Similarly, there should be a bit of risk involved in it as well and if you hit the rough – there’s a bit of rough carpet that we use for our minigolf courses that we’ve used as an edging for the table – then you give away a point. So it’s a little bit of a twist on the original ping pong game but it’s a bit more dynamic and the shape of the table and the layout of it is of course different as well.”

And how successful has the game been so far? 

“It’s been good. It hasn’t been built very long so its first outing was at the London Golf Show and we got people to come along and play it, it was very popular and quite a few hundred people played over the three days which was nice to see.  At the moment we’re in the process of really marketing the game as much as anything else and so it’s just getting it out there and making sure people know about it.”

How many different table designs do you have?

“So far we’ve designed six and  built two of those. We’ve got a fried egg design which is again a very left field approach to it all and again it’s just something where we thought ‘what has a wavy, sinuous outline to it’ and we came up with a few ideas and the fried egg was one of them. Then we thought ‘where is the jeopardy factor and the risk’, and by building up the yolk that’s the obstacle and the thing to avoid as much as the net.

“The table is actually a bit shorter than a standard table, so you haven’t got much of a target to hit and if you’re put under pressure by your opponent then there’s obviously a bit more pressure on your next shot. We’ve done more designs and we’re slowly putting those into production and that will obviously take a few weeks or a few months to get them all done and finished.”

Finally, are there any other exciting ideas in the pipeline at Urban Crazy that we should know about?

“Yes, but I can’t really talk about them at the moment because they’re all quite hush hush. There are loads of ideas, if you take the principle of the portable courses that we’ve done for minigolf and you take the principle of PongCrazy table tennis, it fits into that wacky, new and original bracket.”

You can see Jon playing PongCrazy using the link below.